Warranty Instructions:
For the purpose of warranty claims (if any) the following instructions apply:


Warranty period – The above components are provided with a warranty of five (5) years against manufacturing defects or failure to perform to specifications for products installed by an authorised installer in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and which have not been subject to incorrect operations or maintenance, unauthorised modification or damage arising from any intervening cause.

Warranty reference – The warranty reference date commences from the date of purchase.

Warranty claim procedure – For the purposes of making a claim the customer must:

  1. Contact the “point of contact” above and upon provision of proof of purchase, the customer will receive a goods return advice (GRA) number.
  2. At the customers expense, collect and return the goods to the “point of contact” with the issued GRA number.
  3. Upon receipt of the goods, Nimbus Lighting Group will review the claim and if found to be accepted, will return a replacement product to the customer to install at the customers expense. Alternatively if the claim is rejected, the customer may request the return of the goods at their expense.

Complies with:
AS/NZS 60598
IEC 60598

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